Peninsula Electronics
Contact Person:
Address: V-2-C, NGEF Industrial Estate,
Graphite India Road,
City: Bengaluru

Peninsula Electronics, an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) company, located in Bangalore, India, caters to discerning customers for their requirements in the areas of Prototyping, Small and medium volume production. Peninsula offers the unique proposition of a project driven approach to meet the precise requirements of the customer, by deploying a properly chosen mix of skills, for volumes that will be considered small by normal standards.Peninsula Electronics offers a range of EMS services namely, Production of SMT/TH/Mixed technology Boards including micro BGAs, Enclosures, Box Build, Engineering design support, PCB design services of schematics and cadding, Materials Procurement and Testing including Environmental testing. Peninsula Electronics has both EOU (Export Oriented Unit) and DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) units. Both the units are located in NGEF ancillary industrial estate, Graphite India road.