Technosphere Labs Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms Veena Rao, Senior Executive Marketing and Business Development
Address: 6A, Amit Plaza, 3rd Floor,
3rd Phase, JP Nagar,
City: Bangalore

Technosphere, is an IOT centric engineering design & systems integration company. We help build smart digital products and industry specific IOT solutions with multiple sensors and embedded technologies. Our focus areas are Industrial IOT, smart city and connected sensor based devices. Core strength of Technosphere is the experience in various Wireless Technologies like Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, LoRa, Zigbee and Protocols such as CANBUS, MODBUS, BACNET, LONWORKS, 6LOWPAN. We execute projects from concept to mass-production, including Architecture,Hardware, Firmware design, Prototype Development, HMI Miniature Design and Compliance.IoT solutions have been integrated into major IoT platforms such as Amazon IoT, Azure and Bluemix. Technosphere has deep domain expertise in board designs, product feasibility advisory and product sustenance. Technosphere has delivered successful IoT solutions in Wearable, Agritech, Waste Management, Street Lighting and Retail applications. Our WhizBlox, a multi-sensor, multi-protocol IOT Hub, can enable very rapid end-to-end IOT Solutions and helps to deploy IOT Pilots in just 4-6 weeks. We are a Microchip Design and Training Partner and also recognized by Semtech Corporation as a LoRa Design Partner. Incorporated in April 2013, Technosphere is located in Bangalore, India and Dallas, USA and promoted by industry leaders with significant experience in Electronic Product Development and Engineering.

Product Category(s): IOT Solutions for Retail,IOT solutions for Industrial,IOT Solution (Generic),Design & Development Service,Platforms for Development of IOT Solutions,Lighting & LEDs
Buyers Looking For: Defence Electronics Personnel,Solution Developers,CXOs,Others