Reve Automation LLP
Contact Person: Madhukant Patel
202, Samruddhi Building,
Near Income Tax Road , Asharm Road, Ahemdabad,
City: Gujarat

REVE Automation LLP is a products based company focused on ‘solution offering’ firm with extensive experience in providing state of art Electronic Design, Firmware, & WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) on IoT (Internet of Things) domain. We are specialist in customised solutions for enterprises. Globally, IoT is a buzzword, rapidly upcoming in across all sections of society; may it be safety & comfort for human life, industrial automation, governance, research, healthcare, agro, commodities etc. As per surveys done by various consulting companies, the market size of “Smart Technology” will be of the tune in Billions; and will be growing exponentially for years to come. This market will stabilise in around five years and will keep growing for more than a decade and half.