Inscribe Technovations Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: Mr BB Misra, CEO
Address: 88, Adarsh Vista,Basavanagar
Marthahalli PO
City: Banglore

Let us move on with Mispino....an Arduino compatible (Energia based) eco-system developed to bring in new concepts, evolve new use cases and exploit modern sensors & actuators. Let us get down to Rapid Application Development from Rapid Concept Demonstration. The Mispino Eco-system comprises of an ever-expanding library of stackable building blocks. The building blocks comprise of : ï‚· Controller Blocks ï‚· Sensor Blocks ï‚· Actuator Blocks ï‚· Data Link Blocks ï‚· Power Blocks Brought to you by Inscribe Technovations Pvt Ltd. Inscribe Technovation Pvt Ltd is a boutique design house for development of small to medium innovative systems and software in diverse areas like agriculture, education, industrial automation, healthcare, retail space, light electric mobility and entertainment. The key strength of Inscribe is design and development of multi-disciplinary systems using technologies laterally migrated from other fields/markets.