Gill Instruments Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: Ms Neha, Manager
Address: Plot No. 110-O1
Electronics City,
Phase I
City: Bangalore

Gill Instruments, Bangalore has started its operation in Bangalore during 2001 as a leading design House based on Texas Instruments chip set. Currently we manufacture wide range of embedded system development tools based on Texas Instruments platform (MSP430) for industry and Engineering institutions. Our new generation Internet-of-Things (IoT) hardware + software platform (Gill Sense), Wi-Fi Gateway is build based on the simple philosophy of "Sense Connect Manage". It enables the users to connect the sensors and utilities-measuring devices on the Building / Campus / Factory floor to the Wireless Internet Cloud: IoT Applications: 1) Smart liquid Level Gauge 2) Temperature /Pressure Gauge 3) Water Meter Monitoring 4) Energy Meter Monitoring 5) DG Set Monitoring