EMSOL Systems
Contact Person: Stalin PC, Manager
Address: No: 7, 1st Cross Street(60 Feet Road),
Palavanthangal Post,
City: Chennai-

Emsol Systems is a professionally managed Embedded based company specialized in providing the Technology Solutions for Industries in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) since 2013 Depending on Customer needs we can deliver pre-integrated hardware and software platforms complete with device drivers, or a turn-key system with application software. Our embedded system development expertise, proven process and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability and speed of delivery to our customers EMSOL PRODUCTS 1. Smart Relay Based Switch Board 2. Wireless Sensor Node EMSOL SERVICES 1. Internet of Things (IoT) based Product Development 2. Embedded Hardware OEM Design & Manufacturing 3. LabView Software Application Development (SCADA) 4. PLC, HMI Based Control Panel Design EMSOL SOLUTIONS 1. Remote Monitoring & Control 2. Smart Home/Office /Hotel Automation 3. Smart Bank/ATM Automation 4. Smart Telecom Tower Automation 5. Wireless Sensors (Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Level, Motion,Vibration,Current,Gas,Moisture) 6. Wireless Energy Meter 7. Wireless remote E- Health Monitor 8. Wireless Water Pump Controller/Remote Tank Monitoring 9. Wireless Smart Parking System 10. Wireless Smart Irrigation System 11. Smart Sensing For Water Treatment 12. Wireless Siren 13. Wireless Fingerprint Device 14. Wireless Smart Gardening 15. Wireless Smart Street Light 16. Wireless Smart Shades/Blinds 17. Smart Vehicle Tracking 18. Smart Retail

Product Category(s): IOT Solutions for Retail,PCBs & sub-assemblies,IOT solutions for Industrial,IOT Solution (Generic),Design & Development Service,Education, Training & Consultancy Services
Buyers Looking For: Dealers & Distributors,Academicians,System Integrators,Others