Axelta Systems Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. Pyush Jain, CO FOUNDER DIRECTOR
Address: H.No. 6-3-571A12, 2nd Floor, Suhana Rockdale,
City: Hyderabad

We provide end to end solutions for your connected device needs. Our best of breed solutions and framework enables IOT communication like no one else does. Giving you the ability to harness the power of "Internet of Things" and achieve multi fold improvement in effectiveness of your business processes. Our machine learning enabled solutions help you derive intelligent information and intuitive visual representation to take critical business decisions in real time at fraction of cost of our competitors We also provide support for building custom solutions for your specific needs that gives you the speed and agility to build and deploy to your needs faster than anyone else. Based out of Hyderabad, India we are in a unique position to meet the IoT specific needs of businesses leveraging the huge talent available here and at an amazingly effective cost.

Product Category(s): IOT Solutions for Retail,IOT solutions for Industrial,IOT Solution (Generic)
Buyers Looking For: Others