Mukta NK Tech
Contact Person: Aakash More, Director Technical
Address: Unit No. 5, Kene Complex,
Near RTO Office, Before Icon Plaza Hall,
Kalyan West,
City: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mukta NK Tech Pvt. Ltd. (MNK) is primarily focused on Design, Development & Manufacturing of LED Lighting Products with a Value-add of bringing a flair of Technology in it. Formerly, Mukta Electronics a decade back, the team has hands-on in Mfg. of LED Light Products. With Positioning of MNK & On-boarding of some cream talents in Industry; In a short time, MNK has introduced: WiFi & Sub-GHz Based Street Light Automation, BLE based Bulb Control, Emergency Smart LED Bulb/Tubelight and few more Tech stuff in pipeline to be launched. To sustain in Competitive Indian Markets, Our focus is to bring a Product at a Fair Price with exceptional Quality; This helps our clients to bring Customer Loyalty, Build Brand at almost null Maintenance/Service Costs, Post-sales. MNK is aiming Export markets as well. If you are looking for Nex-Gen Products in Lighting Solutions, You should have a coffee with us.

Product Category(s): Lighting & LEDs