Contact Person: Srinivasa Raju, Director Hardware engineering
Address: 9-29-22,1st Floor, Pioneer Sankar Shanti Balaji Nagar,Siripuram Vishakhapatnam
City: Hyderabad

BridgeThings IoT private limited is a startup focusing on providing "Made in India" hardware to Indian electronics ecosystem. BridgeThings designs and manufactures PCB mountable SMPS under brand name BT100, BT500. With a strong competency in full stack IoT, BridgeThings provides an end to end WiFi based IoT framework for quick prototyping. BTSense from BridgeThings is a hardware platform that provides a stackable sensor model for easy & quick prototyping with the popular ESP8266 core. BTSense can be configured from cloud and is support by a strong NodeRED rule engine & customized analytics platform. BridgeThings also owns GooseLED, a patented smart lighting solution that saves more than 60% than a typical LED light.

Product Category(s): IOT Solutions for Retail,IOT solutions for Industrial,IOT Solution (Generic),Platforms for Development of IOT Solutions
Buyers Looking For: Dealers & Distributors,Academicians,Solution Developers,System Integrators,Design Engineers