MatrIot Solutions
Contact Person: Ramji Rengarajan, Cofounder Director
Address: J-303, Shri Ram Aditya,
810, 4th Cross, Arehalli
City: Bangalore

MatrIoT Solutions Private Limited, an Industrial & Environmental IoT (Internet of Things) Startup founded in 2017 specializing on Smart Kanban and RFID based Asset Tracking & RTLS solutions. MatrIoT's cBin provides a Smart Kanban system with the use of hardware (Sensors & devices) and software that enable the industries to take control of C-Parts inventory and replenishment orders with features such as Mobile alerts, inbuilt analytical engine for consumption patterns, demand peaks of items, forecasting of items, API integration with ERP system. MatrIoT's AssetTracker enables to access, manage and monitor your mission critical assets with the use of RFID, sensors with RTLS (Real-time location services) solution. MatrIoT products are built on our innovative, technology driven platform – M3 Platform (MatrIoT Machine-to- Machine) designed based on a scalable, robust, layered API driven architecture that enables the device to be managed, monitored, data generation/collection and controlled by the application layer. Our Products (powered with our innovative, robust M 3 Platform) are, 1. cBin –cloud-based C-class Kanban System 2. AssetTracker - RFID & sensor-based asset-management RTLS solution 3. Spotter – Network-Performance- Management & Bandwidth monitoring solution 4. cWeather – cloud-based Weather station

Product Category(s): IOT Solutions for Retail,IOT solutions for Industrial,IOT Solution (Generic)
Buyers Looking For: CXOs,Others