Martin Electronic Devices & Instruments
Contact Person: Mrs. Ranjana McCartney, Director Operations
Address: 392067 , Manikiri Cross Road,
City: Kochi

Martin's Electronic Devices & Instruments (MEDI) is an R&D firm involved in the design and development of electronic products for industrial and commercial applications. Established in the year 1987, the main intension of MEDI has been to provide cutting edge technologies to manufacturers looking for advanced technologies. MEDI is involved purely in to Research & Development in electronics – both hardware and software. The main field of MEDI is development of new innovative electronic products and transferring the technology to manufacturers. “QUIKorrect” Static Voltage Stabilizer is our latest innovation in the field of static servo. With correction speed over 20000V per second, no wear and tear due to the absence of any moving part, wide input range of 85V to 300V with constant output of 230V +/-1%, this is the future of stabilizers which will replace the existing slow CVTs, SCR tap changing type and conventional bulky servo stabilizers.

Product Category(s): Design & Development Service