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Pulsonix Owned by Westdev Ltd, since its introduction in 2001, the Pulsonix EDA product range has set the new standard in the Electronics industry with easy-to-use and learn Schematic Capture and PCB Design software. At WestDev, we understand the need for the delivery of a highly productive technology suite and we are proud to be able to offer the Pulsonix design range. Pulsonix is developed by a leading team of EDA professionals with one aim – to meet the evolving needs of engineers today. It is a powerful, fully integrated PCB design software and provides you with Schematic Capture, Spice Simulation, PCB Design, 3D view and advanced technologies for High-Speed Design, Embedded Components, Chip-on-Board and Revision/Version Control, all directly within the program. Seamlessly integrate your Mechanical, MRP, PLM and Manufacturing systems into the Pulsonix environment with the bi-directional interfaces.

Product Category(s): EDA Tools
Buyers Looking For: Design Engineers