Liquid Instruments
Contact Person: Amitesh Kumar, Senior Business Development Specialist
Address: Science Road
The Australian National University
City: Canberra

Established in 2014, Liquid Instruments provides a new breed of Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment by combining reconfigurable hardware and advanced digital signal processing with breakthrough user interfaces at a fraction of the existing cost. Founded by a team of experimental physicists and engineers with expertise in precision measurement and gravitational wave detector instrumentation, the company provides equipment that enables scientists, engineers, students and professionals to seamlessly acquire data, run measurements and control their experiments. The company’s flagship product—Moku:Lab™ currently includes a range of instruments such as a Lock-in Amplifier, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, PID Controller, Bode Analyzer, Phasemeter, Data Logger, Digital Filter Box, Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Generator, and Oscilloscope. More instruments are coming soon and will be released via software updates to users worldwide free-of-charge. With a rapidly growing network of global distributors, Liquid Instruments now sells in 30 countries including major markets such as the Unites States, Europe, China, Japan, and India. With continued focus on disruptive innovation practices, Liquid Instruments is strongly positioned to gain significant market share and revenue in the T&M industry in the upcoming financial year.

Product Category(s): Test & Measurement Equipment
Buyers Looking For: Design Engineers