3C Tae Yang Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Sky Kim, Sales Manager
Address: TAEYANG Bldg., 507-10,
Sinwol 2-dong,
City: Seoul

3C TAEYANG is specialized as a Cable Assembly provider for IT, Displays, Medical, Electronic devices and Automotive electronic systems. With our experienced manufacturing technology, we are able to provide not only the reasonable price but also competitive data interconnect solutions, and distribute a Mobile Hotspot (Wi-Fi Router, “MIFI” device) available for All 2G(GSM)/3G/4G(LTE) Worldwide.   3C TAEYANG product range:   Mobile Hotspot (Wi-Fi Router, “MIFI” device) Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly (Automobile, Ultrasound system, IT devices) RF Cable Assembly & Connectors Customized Cable Assembly High-Mix, Low Volume We proudly introduce Saison Components as our exclusive & authorized representative for Indian market who have a prominent presence in industries such as Renewable, Telecom, Power, Automotive, Consumer, Defense etc.

Product Category(s): Electronics Components